Website rewrite to Core hosted on Microsoft Azure

We have recently completed a rewrite of the SoftwareKC website.  We moved the hosting from GoDaddy hosting to Microsoft Azure and rewrote the website using Microsoft Core Framwork 3.1 with a SQL Server database.  We may move to a CosmosDB after further research, but the first steps have been taken to make the website much more interactive and useful to both the cleints and employees.

The decisions to move to the Azure cloud included:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Being able to enhance the website within a more robust programming language (C# vs PHP)
  • Recent updates to the Core framework have increased the speed to a point where we believe they will overtake the speed of a scripted language such as PHP

The performance of the website may be difficult to gague since neither site experienced much delay, and with such a small response time, it is difficult to determine the cause of millisecond dealys.  At that level, the browser, connection, and other applications running on the client computer affect performance.

Website Moved to Azure