Services we offer


Automation is taking tasks which are currently being done manually, and either helping them be done more efficiently, or having a program complete the work entirely on its own (atonomusly).  Automation is one of the primary focuses when calcuating ROI (return on investment).  Automation can be as complicated as implementing a machine learning solution, to as simple as a program which automatically procduces a report that is needed each month.  


Integration is usually thought of as a compliated process where two systems have to be manipulated into working with one another, but it's usually one of the simplest types of projects.  The basics of the process involve reading information from one format, manipulating the data if necessary, and writing the altered data to the destination.  Temporary files, reocrds in a database, or Message Queue entries are generatlly used for a variety of reasons including scalability, speed, and to allow for auditing.


Modernization is essential for many reasons.

  • The language the program was written in is no longer supported (e.g. VB6)
  • The program does not work on a modern operating system.
  • The program needs to be moved to the cloud.
  • The program is not compliant in it's current state (PCI, HIPAA, industry regulations, etc)

Web Based Development

Most programs are moving towards a web based development environemnt, especially with sights set to moving to the cloud for many companies.  Generally there are two major categories for a website, they can be Marketing based, or functional such as a customer portal.  Our projects tend to be more functional, but we do create dynamically editable website which can also serve the needs of the Marketing team. 

New web based development will be targeted towards Azure development.  All development and beta sites will be hosted on Microsoft Azure, and we highly suggest hosting them there as well.

Windows Based Development

While most development is moving towards the web, there is still more power for a lower budget availble as a Windows based application.  If you need the power of a Windows based application, we can help.