About Us

SoftwareKC is a custom software development company with an office in Kansas City, MO that works on specific solutions to improve the workplace for all businesses. We have been working on custom solutions for businesses for over 20 years.

Our work is based off of the simple fact that we believe the workplace has many opportunities for innovation and automation when it comes to simple tasks that take away important time from employees.

When working with us you can expect professional, punctual, precise work that is done how you want it done. We hold ourselves to the fact that improving your place of business is improving the world around us, and we are not going to let that opportunity go to waste.

The work that we do is shaped by you and what you desire in custom software. Our goal is not to simply “get the job done.” We take pride in the fact that our work is ahead of the curve, innovative, and necessary to making the work environments of other businesses stronger than ever before.